Life After Sexual Violence

From speaking out and justice, to healing, dating and careers - 7 survivors talk about life after sexual violence

We’re proud to share a brand new video series featuring members of the Angles network taking a frank look at how survivors experience not only the criminal justice system, but the process of healing and getting on with their lives.

This exciting collaboration with The Independent has resulted in eight videos with survivors talking about their careers, dealing with triggers and media coveragegoing public and romance, and answering questions like how can we find better ways to talk about sexual violence, and why many victims don’t report.

This came about through our interactions with the media and has been in development since we met with their video team in spring of 2017.

Thanks to The Independent’s Tom Goulding and to Angles members Winnie M Li and Dr Nina Burrowes who helped to shape the series. Special thanks also to contributors Alex BryceEmily JacobFaye White, Imogen Butler-ColeSophieTanaka Mhishi and Winnie M Li for sharing their stories.

Watch an introduction to the Life After Sexual Violence series

What is it like to be triggered? Survivors of sexual violence explain

How the media continues to fail rape victims

Why do so many victims of sexual violence not report their attackers to the police?

How sexual violence changes your relationships, according to survivors

How to heal after sexual assault: Survivors on their recovery process

How to talk about sexual violence, according to survivors

How being sexually assaulted can ruin your career

Find out more about our work with the media and people with personal experience of sexual violence and domestic abuse. For support or help and a list of organisations who work in the sector, take a look at our resources.