Project aims and values

The specific aims and key values for the Angles project.


To improve how sexual and domestic abuse is reported in London and UK-targeted media, leading to better understanding of the crimes, the experiences of victims, perpetrators’ profiles and increased conviction rates. The long-term goal is a more sophisticated understanding and informed discussion of these topics in society as a whole, resulting in greater justice in our courts.

We are working with individuals with personal experience and/or who work in the sector, CPS, Police, Judicial College and the media during this two-year project. We are building a diverse network of 50+ resilient, trained media contributors and activists who engage with the media, share their experiences and offer expertise to bring about better understanding.

Specific aims

  • Positively improve media coverage of a wide range of stories around sexual abuse and domestic violence that are often misrepresented.
  • Increase the number of journalists and broadcasters producing and collaborating on nuanced content about sexual abuse and/or domestic violence within one year.
  • Increase the number of resilient survivors and/or practitioners who are confidently qualified to engage with the media, share experiences and opinions within two years.


Do no harm

All of our projects start here and this is the first conversation we have around this work. We recognise and are alert to the significant potential of harm and we are mitigating against this as much as possible. We follow a Safeguarding Policy and Peer Support Policy to ensure our network come to no harm.


We do not believe in martyring ourselves or working with martyrs. We are having ongoing conversations about how we’re all looking after ourselves, and looking after each other. The topic area can easily have an impact on any individual or team and self-care runs through the heart of the project through all peer support and activities.


Our method is relationship-based and we encourage collaboration and connection. We curate and encourage supportive relationships to be fruitful, useful and insightful. Relationships are core to our work with the media and in the peer support network. It’s important that they be supportive and valuable.