Journalists who have taken part in interactions in 2017

“Journalists often only meet people who have suffered in this way in a formal interview, or seeing them across a court room when covering a case. Our meeting gave us an opportunity to speak off the record with some extremely wise and brave people in a friendly, informal atmosphere.”
Stephen Pritchard, Reader’s Editor, The Observer

“Overall excellent experience. A fantastic workshop, I feel much more prepared to tackle video stories on this topic.”
Amy Ashenden, LGBTQ Correspondent & Assistant & Video Editor, Evening Standard online

“I took a lot from it, it was very important I feel to simply introduce/motivate a critical grappling with the issue of sexual violence, and be inspired by the first-person accounts of the participants brought along as volunteers. The multiplicity of volunteers was really helpful and illuminating…it’s an incredibly useful session, if for nothing other than reminding us how much there is to listen to and integrate into our work on this particular topic, and the benefit of these kinds of sessions for a host of other topics.”
Tom Goulding, Video reporter, Independent

Angles participants who have led interactions with the media

“It was great to be reminded of the positive side of media, the role and responsibility it has to educate, inform and help change the world for the better.”

” Absolutely brilliant interaction. Really great teamwork and gave me the idea again about why it’s so important to keep engaged in a community as its the opposite of abuse, which is about isolation.” Duncan Craig, CEO of Survivors Manchester, following an interaction with BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

On whether they would anything differently after the interaction, one participant told us:

“I did speak out on my Facebook profile after (without mentioning the paper) which felt like a brave step for me, I felt moved to share and reach out more.”

Participants from Engaging with the Media training courses

What I will do differently following the media training course:

“I will prepare myself before interviews rather than “crashing” through! Thank you!”

“Be prepared! Be confident that I know what I’m talking about. Thank you!!”

“A truly brilliant team and a truly brilliant day.”

“I would feel more confident about crafting the content of an interview to my agenda, rather than the agenda of the journalist. Also to do research into their audience therefore gain an understanding of what their agenda might be. Thank you very much for a brilliant, informative day.”

Participants who attend peer support meetings

“I was quite nervous and didn’t really know what to expect, and it was just lovely… Thank you for letting me become part of this special group, I really feel very honoured. It has given me a lot more to think about and I was surprised by the feelings of being connected in some way, without knowing anything about anyone in the room. It was abundantly clear that everyone felt happy, comfortable and safe and could have stayed for longer.”