Jennifer Potter

Co-creator of We Are Brave Souls, helping others to find their inner courage, speak their truth and be the whole hearted version of themselves


Jennifer kept a secret for a long time, the secret of rape. The impact of the event was so huge on her own life and that of the people around her, that she tried to hide it, to appear normal. She threw herself into a corporate career learning how to become a leader but the cracks kept appearing.

Some twenty years later, she saw that the UK was different, and she felt different, she was braver, she was ready. Jennifer decided it was time to help other people who had been through similar events, but first she needed to make sure she was strong enough. She reported the rape to the police thinking it would go nowhere but it would be a good step toward returning responsibility where it rightly belonged. The case would eventually end up at court and get a guilty verdict, despite there being no forensic evidence.

She now splits her time across three businesses; developing wholehearted leaders, helping people with their wellness and the Brave Souls movement. She is keen to inspire people that it’s possible to thrive after sexual abuse.

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20 February 2018

We Are Brave Souls

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