Tanaka Mhishi

Writer and performer who creates research-grounded theatre pieces on sexual violence, masculinities and consent


Tanaka’s work uses elements of both traditional theatre and spoken word poetry to create performances which communicate research findings to his audiences in ways which are affective and entertaining. After being raped in 2014 Tanaka began investigating the stories of other male survivors of sexual violence and wrote This Is How it Happens, a dramatisation of his own first year as a survivor, incorporating the reconstructed experiences of other men through the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. He holds MA in Creative Writing from the University of Brighton and works extensively with archival materials surrounding survivorhood and life after abuse.

His research includes identifying common myths about sexual violence and exploring new methods of storytelling to more accurately and compassionately portray the lives of survivors and their communities. He is interested in meeting and working with journalists from all forms of media who are interested in understanding the history, context and consequences of sexual abuse, particularly with reference to male and/or LGBT+ survivors. He is particularly interested in long-form journalism and digital content.

Tanaka is also available to participate in or consult on projects which engage in masculinities more generally.

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4 November 2015

Sex on Trial, BBC

1 August 2015

Clear Lines Festival

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