Tom Leavesley

Survivor, activist, professional working in the sexual violence sector


Tom is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. After Tom broke his silence in 2013, and saw the man who abused him sentenced to prison, he has tried to use experiences to create positive outcomes for himself and others. Tom speaks candidly about his experiences of the criminal justice system and the affects of childhood abuse, particularly on men. He is working for LimeCulture, on behalf of the Male Survivors Partnership, leading a project to develop quality standards for services supporting male survivors of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences. Tom is also a member of the NHS England Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) Survivor & Public Voices Group.

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Media & appearances

19 December 2014

Child abuser jailed for five years: brave Worcester victim speaks out

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22 April 2017

Brave Worcester child abuse survivor tells school pupils 'don't suffer in silence'

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20 February 2018

Emotional and inspirational journey of a child abuse survivor

6 September 2016

Helpline for paedophiles calls for support

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